A Teacher of Technology in Education

Sites For Kids

Here  is a list of some great websites and Software I have used with my students and are used at my current school:

Literacy: Years Prep/K- 2
1. Starfall
2. Bitesize
3. Crickweb                                                                                                
4. ABC Ya!

Literacy Years 3-6
1. Crickweb
2. Woodlands Junior

1. Mathletics
2. Bitesize Mathematics
3. Maths Dictionary For Kids
4. Count With Us

Keyboard Skills:
1.Dance Mat Typing
2.  Keyboard Climber
3. Keyboard Typing
4.  10 Fast Fingers


Computer Art
1. Sumo Paint
2. Tux Paint (free download)

Search Engines:

1. Fuse Search Engine
2. Ask Kids

Software Specific:
3D design & Animation

1. Google Sketchup! (free download)
2. Pivot Stickfigure   (free download)
3. Lego Digital Designer   **NEW** (free download)

Mind Map Software:


Microsoft Office Suite
Word- Year Prep onwards
PowerPoint Year 1 onwards
Excel – Year 3/4 onwards
Publisher -Year 2 onwards

  Movie Making/ Photo Editing:
Adobe Premier Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Microsoft Movie Maker (For XP/Vista)
Microsoft Windows  7 Live Movie Maker
Microsoft Photo Story3
Microsoft Picture Editor (Part of Office 2007/2010)

I am always on the look out for great sites that are free and work well across our school network! 

What great software/websites do you use with your students /classes? 

Cheers Raffaela 🙂

Comments on: "Sites For Kids" (2)

  1. I am collecting my favorite free websites by grade level at http://ckms.symbaloo.com. Hopefully you will find a new resource there.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      What a great tool, I love your ‘symbaloo’, thanks for sharing it with me!!I will certainly check out your links as there are heaps of sites there I could use with my students as well. Excellent idea to put sites into grade levels for easy access for your students and parents to access.
      Is this your first role as a technology teacher?
      What other teaching roles have had previously?
      I’ve had a look at your site, it looks great!! I will share it with my students, they are always interested to see what school is like for students in another country.
      Best of luck with your new role.

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