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End of An Era

Hello  Everyone,

As the school year in Melbourne Australia has come to an end, so has my role in my current school.

In 2016 I am moving on to a different school and will be working in a different role. I will still be using technology but in a whole new and different way.

Thank you to all of you for your loyalty and support over the years and I look forward to sharing with you in the new year my new and exciting role.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and relaxing time with your family and friends.


Hi Everyone,

Over the past 2 weeks since returning from ‘Spring’ vacation, I have been introducing the students across different year levels to ‘Coding/Programming/Pair Programming’ using a many varied devices and applications.

On my ‘school blog’  Teaching With Technology I have shared with my students some short video clips about ‘Hour of Code’. From there different levels have launched into ‘having a go with coding’

Starting with Foundation (Prep) and Year One students, they have begun working through ‘Course 1’ of studio.code.org. Can I tell you how excited and engaged these students are.

Year 2 students are working on creating ‘cybersafe’ avatars and will also launch into Course 1 shortly.

Year 3 students are exploring ‘Scratch‘ online. They are absolutely loving it. They are also using ‘Google Classroom’ and with their teacher are incorporating their ‘Inquiry’ learning with the aid of technology.

Year 4 students have begun to explore ‘Course 2’ from studio.code.org to extend their skills after being introduced to ‘programming’ earlier this year using ‘Scratch’. They are flying through the different activities. However, what is interesting to see as the challenges become more difficult, how the students are resorting to their ‘known knowledge’ in mathematics/angles etc’ to work through the tasks. One student said ”ahhhhh this is why we learn that about directions, angles and shapes’ now I can see why you need to know that so now I can use that knowledge to ‘create’ things”… powerful !!

Year 5 & 6 students have explored ‘Hopscotch’ on their iPads to create unique and individual animations which have extended to their ‘Inquiry’ areas.  These students will shortly move to attempt ‘Course 3’ of studio.code.org to extend their skills and transfer the skills they have already from previous use of ‘Scratch’ Google SketchUp and Hopscotch.

Such exciting times for these students. Learning is taking place everywhere, all the time and I am continually fascinated to hear their stories of how they ‘go above and beyond’ once they are truly immersed in their learning.

Looking forward to next sessions and hopefully students in Year 4 – 6 to participate in 2015 Hour of Code in December!!



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