A Teacher of Technology in Education


My journey into blogging started in 2010 after coming across a blog called “Integrating Technology In The Primary Classroom” which is managed by an incredibly dedicated teacher called Kathleen Morris.
I subscribed to her blog, told other teachers at my school and my ICT network.

As an ICT Specialist Teacher I was contemplating all the different ways of introducing blogging at the two schools I currently teach at.

In 2011 after much reading and searching, I decided to ‘buddy’ up with another teacher in my zone to become ‘Blogging Buddies’.
I looked at the purpose and reason to introduce blogging: this is my reasoning:

I hope to give students a positive experience that will assist them to make better and appropriate choices regarding their presence on the internet AND in social networks in the future

Here is my journey… so far……

1. Subscribed to Integrating Technology Into Primary Classroom blog

2. Reviewed her 5 steps to start blogging , Educational Blogging

3. Joined ‘Twitter‘ (@raffgrasso)

4. Followed Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan on Twitter (@kathleen_morris and @kellyjordan82) and also checked out who they were following!!

5. Created a Global2 account for my school blog http://stannes.global2.vic.edu.au

6. Created a professional account for my own blog https://teachteched.wordpress.com

7. Subscribed to Teach Gen Now! E-Newsletter

8. Subscribed to ‘Langwitches’ blog

9.Using Kathleen’s templates and guides, attempted to create a ‘Blogging Guidelines’ for our school community

10. Sought permission from Kathleen to use/adapt her templates and guidelines (thanks heaps Kathleen!!)

11. Created ‘Blogging Guidelines’ ‘Quality Comments’ and ‘Internet Safety’ documentation for the blog

12. Created a parent information letter and parental permission form for our school community

13. Sought permission and approval from the principal and student well-being coordinator

14. Obtained permission from principal to send home parent information letter and parental permission form introducing the NEW school blog to one class of 5/6 students to begin trialing blogging!!

15. Introduced ‘Blogs In Plain English‘ video to the 5/6 students

16. Introduced new ‘blogging terminology’ eg: blog, comment, post, tag, widget, web 2.0, discussed other terminology students know/ have heard of

17. Highlighted to our students: representing our school in a positive, safe and responsible manner on our school blog and on any blog they comment on is Number One Priority!!

18. Double-checked permission forms have been signed by parent/guardian prior to blogging commencing

19. Research our blogging buddy school, gain knowledge of what life is like at another school, similarities, differences,etc… gain information from a real audience for a real purpose.

20. Begun blogging with 5/6 students yeah!!! Each ICT lesson began with ‘blogging time’ during Term Three and Four. Students were to comment on a post from our school blog and from our buddy school blog following our school Quality Comments guidelines.

21. Introduce students to ‘Digital Footprints’ http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3220088.htm http://www.abc.net.au/btn/resources/teacher/weekly/20110524-informationfootprint.pdf

22 ** REMINDER ** representing our school in a positive, safe and responsible manner on our school blog and on any blog students comment on is Number One Priority!!

23. Students worked through Cybersafety quiz :
http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/Kids.aspx (they created a slideshow of their understanding of each area covered in the Quiz)

24. Introducing the school blog to our school community through our school newsletter, staff email and encouraged the school community to comment on the posts, reminding all to follow our commenting guidelines!

25. As I am currently the moderator of the comments, I try to ensure a reply is given to the comments written by students/visitors!

26. Promote our blog on Twitter to encourage world wide visitors!!

25. Run a parent session to explain this new exciting initiative.

Wow, looking at all this now, what a HUGE amount of work was involved, just to get it all up and going!!!
Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback 🙂

Happy Blogging :):)

Further Resources:
Dept of Education & Early Childhood Development VictoriaBlogging: Elearning ePotential

Dept of Education & Early Childhood Development Victoria –Learning Online – Cybersafety

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