A Teacher of Technology in Education

Documentation of Unit of work from 2018   2019  Year 4 Digital Literacy

Beginning of Year

  1. setting the scene:

Digital Literacy is….

I think Digital Literacy means….

Some digital skills I have are….

My favourite digital technology is….

Create eBook in Book Creator called ‘Digital Safety’
Contents Page
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

2. Digital Citizenship:

explore eSafety unit of work

Explore the teacher notes and work through the tasks.

Document different tasks in Book Creator

Rotation throughout the year

Rotation 1: Robotics- App Lego WeDo

Equipment required:

Setting the scene:

  1. What is Robotics?
  2. What are examples that you know of or have seen?
  3. What is Lego?
  4. Who is Max and Mia? LEGO WeDo 2.0 Max and Mia Introduction
  5. https://youtu.be/TUmeKfxQEDU
  6. What is Lego We Do? Lets find out here- WeDo 2.0 What’s In The Box  


Rotation 2:

  1. Code studio
    What does coding mean?
    Where do you see coding or codes?
    What types of coding have you seen or used?

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 10.34.12 pm


10 surprising skills kids learn through coding: https://www.weareteachers.com/skills-learn-coding/ 

  1. critical thinking
  2. persistence
  3. problem solving
  4. courage to try new things
  5. maths skills
  6. meaningful contexts
  7. processing skills
  8. determination
  9. creativity
  10. overcoming gender barriers


Rotation 3:


An example of a digital story Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma Live Action Holiday tribute 

  1. What are the different components required to create a digital story? 
  2. Storyboard That: https://www.storyboardthat.com/storyboard-creator 
  3. Apps used Backgrounds, characters, text or speech bubbles

    A: title
    B: setting


    1. Agriculture-eg vine yard, farm land, Power Plant
    2. Outer space
    3. Under water
    4. Rescue – helicopters, ambulance coming in to help
    5. Archeological setting- thousands of years old eg: Egypt 
    6. Military setting

    C: characters
    Dialogue for your characters: How does your story start? What scene? What happens next?
    E: problem
    F: problem solved



The focus: use photos and videos from Robotics (Milo Robot) to create a  digital story based on your robot, think of a problem and how Milo robot solves the problem

  1. Select a setting  eg: outer space, desert, rainforest, agriculture, river etc
  2. Think of a problem that Milo could help solve –Your movie needs to have a message to make our world a better place 
  3. Look at the different apps you have that could tell a story
  4. Select an app and import photos and videos 
  5. Look on the internet to find extra pictures to add to your story (copyright free to use) look here :
  6. Does your story have a title, author, sound effects, photos video, problem explained, problem solved?
  7. save your story to your camera roll (photos)
  8. email a copy to your teachers 

Rotation 4: 3D Design

What is 3D design?
What examples of 3D do you know?
Where do you see 3D objects?
3D Design online using Tinkercad www.tinkercad.comimage.php?hash=fd65236b7cdfcd0b952957de2808dc58d5724ea6

1. click on the sign in page:
2. sign in with the Year 4 DL username and password given to you by Teacher Raff
3. click ‘create new design’
4. Add your name and class to the top left hand corner
5. If you have work already created, click on the word ‘tinker this’ to edit it
6. Begin by looking at the left hand side and have a go at some of the tutorials
7. here is a great video to show how to get started using Tinkercad



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