A Teacher of Technology in Education


Hello educators and students,

If you are looking to introduce your students to searching online to locate appropriate information and content in research and inquiry sessions these below may be of use.

These are suitable if you wish to use alternatives to Google or Bing (particularly with students in the early years of schooling).

If you know of others, please contact me to update this list.

Happy searching and inquiring.


Searching Safely with students
1. Kiddle  image.php?hash=875a05fd7839617d33f14faca
 2. KidRex image.php?hash=06b68c2e9a3b75291ebebf898
3.  ABC Splash image.php?hash=943894e2f454143bdeac1a4e8​​​​​​​
4.  National Geographic for Kids: image.php?hash=e458b84cbcf057b3509c36fce
6. DK- Find Out image.php?hash=b4101c4a787de470b32eeb281
 7. Museum Victoria – Amazing Animals  image.php?hash=5fa26335bbb041c8512f65be5
8. K9 Safe Search









9. Infant Encyclopedia –

Great Introduction for Younger Students



10. KIDS CLICK – Search Engine





11. Quintura Kids Search Engine:


Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.12.00 pm


Infant Encyclopedia Search


KidsClick Search

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