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Technology +Ferrari

Hi Everyone;

As my students know, I am a keen ‘Ferrari’ fan and have been waiting for the new ‘Ferrari Spider’ to be released.  As I was exploring the new features of the Ferrari 488 Spider,(which was shot in Norway) I was blown away with the imagery and the way the ‘video’ showcasing the new Ferrari, sensational backdrop and scenery etc.

As an ICT Teacher, my students are always so keen to create ‘videos’ and having used ‘videos’ to ‘tune in’ students before launching into a new learning focus, this video highlighted to me just how much different technology had been used to ‘create’ this absolutely stunning video.

I also watched on the official launch website the ‘making’ of their video which blew me away.

Here is a link to the video, (completed video and behind the scenes) even if you are not into Ferrari cars, have a look at the way the video encapsulates the background, foreground and the car itself from so many angles.

Ahhh now to sit and watch it (and dream) all over again.

Here is a link to the video if you are curious 🙂


Bellissimo 🙂



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