A Teacher of Technology in Education

Change In The Air…

Hi Everyone,

It is now Spring vacation in Melbourne and it has come at a great time after a horridly long Melbourne winter full of sickness and illness in my family and at my workplace.

I am preparing for my final term of teaching for 2015. Change is in the air, Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies has FINALLY been endorsed for us educators to begin implementing.

Our school and many schools in my area are scrambling with designing our new ‘landing pages’ as the software staff and students have been using since 1997 for our Intranet and mail is ceasing at the end of the academic year.

Hour of Code is coming.. can’t wait for that as the students I teach are all keen to get their teeth into some apps that use code e.g. ‘Scratch’ and ‘Hopscotch’.  Students are also VERY keen to explore ‘Minecraft’ at school as per their end of term self reflections state and that they wish to use TECHNOLOGY MORE…. that is a very telling sign!!!!

Many schools in my area are also moving to using GAFE in a greater capacity.

Unfortunately due to family commitments I was unable to attend the Melbourne GAFE Summit, however I hope to get to another one in the near future as I am so keen to continue my learning in the whole ‘GAFE’ area.

Am looking forward to implementing the new ‘Technologies’ curriculum with the students as they begin their journey of gaining skills to hopefully assist them as ‘leaders of the future’.

Cheerio Raff 🙂


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