A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hi All,

Semester 2 will be here soon as our Melbourne Winter holidays come to an end shortly.

As an ICT Integration Subject Teacher in a primary setting, seeing each class for approx 40 minutes each week for an ICT ‘lesson’ makes for lots of pre thought, planning as well as possible integration ideas.

Having a central location to to house all the different resources, tasks etc for all classes from Foundation (K) to Year 6, my solution was to curate them all on a ‘blog’

Some staff in the different schools I have worked at have explored ‘Blogging’. My focus for Semester 2 will be on ‘Educational Blogging’

Some staff have expressed interest in wanting to ‘go further’ with blogging in their classroom ie to really integrate it into their classroom teaching and learning. I have created a ‘step by step’ guide for educators and thought I would share it with you all.  I am sure there are many other ways of integrating Blogging into the classroom however, this is just my own interpretation from the wealth of information that is out there.

I will use many of these steps with the different classes particularly Year 1, 2 and 3 in Semester 2.  Some students in Year 4 – 6 have expressed having their own ‘Blog’ to document their learning. This is something I will explore with staff in those classes as to the possibility of listening to ‘student voice and student choice’ to document, reflect and share their learning.

Reflection Questions for me……

**Does this need to be done just in ICT Integration sessions?

**What if others do not see the value/purpose/authenticity value?

**Am I doing a disservice to the students if not?

**Should I start it and hope that the positive responses from students is filtered back to the staff?

**Being an ICT Integration Subject teacher, using introducing/exploring/extending ‘blogging’ is something I can explore to encourage extending students skills, knowledge and ultimately give an authentic opportunity to model ‘cybersafe, respectful, safe and responsible use of tools and devices online?’

As part of my learning as an educator, reflection, evaluation and re-planning is part of who I am and what I believe in.

It will be an interesting journey.

Here is a snippet of some templates I have created that I will be sharing with my students and staff as part of my ‘Introduction to Blogging’. Will share the rest of the steps soon.

Commenting Template for Blog Comment Public


Raffaela 🙂


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