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Passion & Positivity vs. Pipe Dreams and Pessimism

Today’s post is more of a question rather than an explanation of projects in the past. It also relates to my post a few days ago involving classroom learning spaces. I mentioned that I have my students seated in groups for all class activities, but I failed to discuss how exactly I grouped them.

A retired teacher I once worked with shared a grouping strategy: using a combination of standardized test scores and formative assessment data, group the students in a heterogenous manner so that you basically have one of each of the four generic categories of achievement (novice, partial mastery, mastery, above mastery/distinguished) in each cooperative learning group.

I’ve used this strategy loosely over the past four years of teaching in fifth and sixth grade math classes–as closely as possible while still keeping difficult students away from unproductive social and learning situations. It has worked for the most part…

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