A Teacher of Technology in Education

Techie Brekkies (PMI)

Hi All,

This year as part of my role as eLearning Leader, I along with the newly formed eLearning Team have introduced ‘Techie Brekkies’.

These are fortnightly workshops for staff to ‘opt in’ and share, learn, explore new digital learning and tools.

The formation of ‘Techie Brekkies’ came about after our new Principal this year wanted to get a ‘snapshot’ of where our staff are at in terms of their ‘journey’ using digital tools and eLearning in general.

Staff completed their first EVER google form (which was actually very well received as easy to complete) and from those results a list of possible ‘Techie Brekkie’ topics were developed.

With the support of our ICON Coach I developed a process for introducing Techie Brekkies.

1. Shared the results of the initial survey of staff computer use

2. Listed a variety of ‘topics’ as possible ‘Techie Brekkie’ workshops

3. Created a Google Doc and shared that with all staff that lists
*Intended Outcome
*Equipment Required
*Going Further resources, links and ideas
*Space for interested staff to add their name

4. I added this link onto our ‘Intranet’

5. I created an eLearning Blog that is password protected and on there I have put on the minutes of each Techie Brekkie, links, video tutorials etc

6. At the end of last term, I asked staff to fill in (yet another) Google form to gain feedback about their thoughts to assist with planning and I am about share with staff our final survey for the year to get as much feedback from staff as possible about their suggestions for ‘Techie Brekkies’ ( here is a copy of it)  At our final Techie Brekkie for 2015 I will ask staff to fill in their ideas as well as PMI discussion in general to enable the eLearning Team to plan for greater success in 2015.  shall share with you how it goes 🙂

Also as a final gesture of encouraging staff to attend, I will give each staff a ‘Participation Certificate’ outlining the different Techie Brekkies they attended and the hours and description of each session (there have been 10 in total this year) and they may wish to use it for VIT registration purposes! (saw this somewhere online )

I would love any ideas /suggestions /feedback you have on how to make Techie Brekkies successful and what has worked for you.  Anything to keep eLearning front and centre as well as positive in schools :):)


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