A Teacher of Technology in Education

Post GAFE Summit….

Here we are, almost half way through our final (Melbourne) term before our summer break at the end of December.

Since returning from the GAFE Summit, I invited the teachers who attended to complete a survey, based on the questions posed by +Corey Aylen. The feedback was very positive, keeping in mind it was very new to many of the staff who attended from my school.

From the 10 staff who attended the GAFE summit, the general feedback was to get going with trialling some ‘apps’ such as term newsletter that goes home to parents, for these to be created in Google Docs and shared with Deputy for proofreading and feedback to be made directly.

Two staff members who are co-teachers in the Junior Level were very inspired by what +Anthony Speranza has achieved in his use of ‘Google Sheets’ to create pre & Post tests and the addon ‘Flubaroo’ to assist with marking and assessment to reduce the ‘turnaround time’ in planning based on student needs.  These staff members spent quite a bit of their release time to set up a pre test in Mathematics using a Google ‘form’ for their junior classes.
They even went on to the next level of inserting images, clipart etc to their test.

Next they embedded a link on their ‘myclasses’ page and when they were in the ICT Lab next, as a class the students worked through the ‘pre-test’.  Some feedback from the two staff members:

* initially time consuming to set up, but once set up , very easy to modify, add & delete

*students loved using technology to answer the questions

*some students spent too long on the tasks so this needs to be monitored

*some students did not finish so went home and attempted to complete it again 🙂

*the addon Flubaroo enabled quick marking of student assessment and was wonderful as a toll to ‘compare’ when students completed the ‘post test’ to show their possible growth

Other Staff… some staff have now attempted to use Google Docs to create their term Newsletter and share it with Principal/Deputy

Some staff have explored the ’embedding of forms into a blog’ to possibly use this feature with their students

Last week at our ‘Techie Brekke’ I encouraged the two co-teachers to share their wonderful use of ‘Google Forms for their pre & post test and the response from other staff was very positive. Apart from a comment ‘how much of your “time” did this take?’

Still a fair way to go in sharing with some staff that time and effort is required to enable true transformation of learning, which will in turn enable the technology to get out of the way and learning to happen 🙂

Cheers for now


(Survey GAFE attendees filled in)



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