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GAFE Melbourne Summit

In the September (Spring) Holiday break, I attended a 2 day Summit here in my home city of Melbourne. I was privileged to attend as my principal enabled 10 staff from my school to attend.

Our principal offered any staff who would like to attend and the school would cover the costs. Our principal, deputy principal/literacy leader, Student WellBeing Leader, myself as ICT Leader and 5 classroom teachers, our Reading Recovery Teacher and 1 Learning Support Officer all took up the offer.

Prior to the GAFE Melb Summit, I ran a ‘Techie Brekkie’ for staff attending to look at the various workshops on offer and give some tips and explanations.  As only myself and another staff member had ever attended a GAFE Summit, this was brave new world of Professional Learning for majority of our staff attending.

At the ‘Techie Brekkie’ I noted the sessions staff were keen on and then I created a ‘Google Doc’ to with the titles of different sessions that were going to be offered at the Summit and which staff were wanting to attend (also as a way to keep enticing staff to ‘use’ GAFE tools 🙂

As our new principal is very keen to extend the skills and experiences of staff in the world of ‘Digital Tools’ this has been a BIG step forward for our staff attending a 2 day Summit in their holidays :):)

I encouraged staff to attend a variety of different sessions, sharing with them my knowledge of different staff presenting ( thanks to my Twitter PLN, Google+ Communities, Eastern eLearning Network and contacts I made at the April Sydney GAFE Summit)

How excited I was to see many fellow Catholic Ed Educators presenting, Anthony Speranza, Eleni Kyritsis, Corey Aylen, +Kimberley Hall to name but a few.

The sessions I attended at this 2014 September GAFE Summit were all absolutely brilliant ! I came away buzzing even more so than the April GAFE Summit as I had fellow educators from my school there to share the ‘buzz’.

The sessions I attended across the 2 days were:

Monday 22nd Sept:
Workshop 1:Connecting Classrooms = Authentic Learning by: Eleni Kyritsis

WORKSHOP 2: Introducing Google Apps One Win at a Time by: Aaron Davis

Workshop 3:  GAFE LIFE BALANCE  By: Dean McLaren

Workshop 4: Google Classroom: Anthony Speranza

WORKSHOP  6: Eleni Kyritsis – Genius Hour

Workshop 7 – Google Certification  Kimberley Hall:

Workshop 8: Google Apps – Whole school approach – Sonia Mazzei

SESSION 9: NICOLE DELESIO: Google Drive Across the Curriclum

I took copious notes in my Google Drive and I refer back to them quite often for various things I am wanting to explore.

The best thing since returning from the Summit was that each presenter sharing their presentation with us, their notes, resources, absolutely fantastic!!

I wish there was a Google Summit every holidays as there are so many sessions that I would love to have attended.  Will have to wait for next time!!

The different staff that attended from my school came back all buzzing and the ‘potential’ of enabling GAFE that could lead to varied teaching and learning opportunities.

Next Post… Post GAFE….

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