A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hi All,

This week has been a wonderful week of learning for me as I have joined two ‘Google Hangouts’ to hear a wealth of knowledge, ideas and tips out there in educator land here in Australia.

1. On Monday evening on a cold, wet Melbourne evening I was able to sit in my warm lounge with my latte’ and also be within an earshot of my daughters who were completing their home learning tasks.

Having the opportunity to participate in these ‘free’ online professional learning, listening and observing how these amazing educators are taking that next step and passionately engaging their learners in this digital world.

It is such an exciting time in education.

Monday evening was the 2nd ‘Teach Tech Playhttp://www.teachtechplay.com/ episode. Having an ‘invite’ via Google+, an email and a calendar alert plus regular ‘tweets’ about this upcoming webinar over the past week prompted me to get my girls home from school, get dinner sorted early and then enable them to have their ‘learning time’ while modelling to them that I also have ‘learning time’.

Monday evening’s Teach Tech Play showcased a variety of educators on various topics ranging from digital tools, apps, teaching strategies etc. I enjoyed all the different topics: Evernote in Education & Literacy Block http://becspink.com/2014/08/04/evernote-in-the-reading-block/ , Genius Hour http://elenikyritsis.com/category/genius-hour/  also ‘Minecraft in Education http://thinkfizz.com.au/products/minecraft-in-education . This showcases the different modes of sharing ideas, presentations and tips which can all be done via different modes of delivery.

I especially love the fact that these ‘Hangouts’ are recorded and can be viewed at a later date. Also that these amazing educators are will to answer further questions after their presentations.  Brilliant.

2. On Tuesday at my school, our staff participated in a Professional Learning Meeting with a representative from our local area office – Enza who works in the area of ‘Student Services’ Enza when through and highlighted the different components that are required to be documented for any student that has a ‘modified learning program’ 
As a specialist teacher, I do this without thinking, however now having to document this for students with specific learning difficulties enables myself as an educator to look for ‘real, measurable and visible’. This was a great session, very clear and detailed with great examples.

3. Emergency Evacuation Professional Learning:
On Wednesday after school I participated in an ‘Emergency Evac’ workshop. This session highlighted the roles and procedures to follow if in the event of a ‘lock down’ or ‘evacuation’ and what steps are to be taken if you are ‘in the act of teaching’ or if you are ‘not in the act of teaching’ if/when an evacuation is activated in either a real situation or just a practice. It reminded me of the need to always be aware of the students in our care, where they are at all times.  It also highlighted to me the importance of having my mobile phone with me (as I am on yard duty quite a bit and am on the move with rotating 12 classes around the school over 2 days).  

4. ‘Evernote’ Webinar with Bec Spink 

This evening I participated in another ‘Google Hangout’ and had the opportunity to develop greater learning and skills using the brilliant app ‘Evernote’.  

The many lessons I took away from this session were:
*the importance of tags
*the ability to sync across multi platforms and devices
*the need as educators to guide students to making the best opportunities to collect and curate digital content in online spaces
*the importance of file organisation and structure in Evernote ‘stacks’ 

This was a great session and has given me great little tips and tricks to try and extend the amazing power of ‘Evernote in Education’.

A recording of the webinar can be found here: http://youtu.be/LbwJG_a_roc 

5. Tomorrow I am attending with my Principal: SLAV Learning Conference. It sounds like a very interesting day. 

Will be back soon to update this post about my 5 days of professional learning.

Cheerio Raff 🙂



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