A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hello Everyone,


This week has been an exciting one at my school as we had the opportunity to hear one of the most passionate educators in Australia come to my school to talk all things Google Apps For Education or GAFE entitled “Get Going With Google”.

The most inspirational and infectious guest speaker was Kimberley Hall @kehall16 who is a Google Certified Educator presented a very engaging and educational presentation.

Here is a snapshot of the written feedback I have received from staff…


…..Hi Raff, I just wanted to say thanks so much for organising Kimberly to come out and teach us about GAFE today. You were absolutely ‘spot on’, she was knowledgable, engaging & inspiring. Thanks again…..

….Thanks Raff……. I really enjoyed the PD today and the doors it opened for me. Although my head did start to spin at times it was exciting to see the possibilities. Now to experiment and play!…

….Thanks Raff I thought yesterday was brilliant! Kimberley was very engaging and knowledgeable. I learnt a lot!! Thanks for organising….

I also received verbal feedback from other staff saying how much they enjoyed all the different areas Kimberley covered and are keen to explore the different tools in Google Apps For Education now that they have a clearer understanding as to what it is all about.

We now have more staff interested in attending the Melbourne GAFE Summit coming up  in our September Spring holiday break which is very pleasing to see.

I will share some of the great learning and tools Kimberley shared with us.

Cheerio Raff


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