A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hi Everyone,

At my school we have had 6 months of exploring Google Apps for Edu (GAFE) with students in upper primary as part of our 1-1 iPad program. As a staff we are beginning to explore Google Drive through purpose e.g.: via our embedded staff weekly calendar on our Intranet and via the completion of online surveys, sharing step by step instructions from various topics covered in our ‘Techie Brekkie’ sessions.

At the moment I am exploring the possibility of extending GAFE to Year 3 and 4 students. At the same time I am exploring a variety  of different devices for our students to use. We have recently purchased a Chromebook as a possible device for our staff and students.  This may be a way forward with GAFE as well.

It is a difficult  yet exciting time in education with the wealth of innovation in technology and tools available for educators.  Trying to plan for the next 3 years in regards to  devices is tricky.  Just thinking about the iPad and how it has had such an impact in education over the past 3 or so years in amazing. Incredible to think what could be available in the next 3-5 years!!

At my school we also have iMacs and MacBooks so our students are incredibly lucky to have exposure to a variety of devices and seem to switch seamlessly.

I am excited about the future direction our school will be taking and the huge amount of options to educators in our school for our students.

Let’s jump on the train and get moving I say!!



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