A Teacher of Technology in Education

Module 9

Hi Everyone;

Glad to get to Module 9, nearly there, just like the last day of Term, the end nearly here and that sense of completion is HERE!!!

Having a good look at the different tools related to social networks in this module, I am happy to say that I have been using Twitter and Linked In for a couple of years now! I do not use Facebook for my own personal and professional and digital footprint reasons.

Scootle :
Scootle is an excellent resource, one that aim to come back to every time I plan for my next unit of work over the holiday break!!
At the May Melbourne Teach Meet one of the presenters was Lou Bowe who is Senior Digital Educational Analyst at Education Services Australia www.scootle.edu.au and she spoke about how Scootle has resources that can enhance the Australian Curriculum. This did remind me to check in with this wonderful resource more often. I would like to see the uptake of use at my school with this resource.  Something that teachers at my previous school did on their end of term Inquiry planning day did was they looked at digital resources such as Scootle and added them into their Inquiry Planner (if they fitted) so they could be used by students.
I would love to know how other schools use Scootle? I will have a read of other participants responses to give me some ideas to bring back to my current school!!

Reflective Question:

 Can you identify any Web 2.0 features of Scootle?
Are you interested in reading other teachers comments on resources or sharing learning paths?

Having but a little look at Scootle, the web 2.0 features that I could see are the collaborative features inbuilt into the site. I really like the  new feature called ‘Scootle Community’. As educators this is a wonderful way of collaborating, connecting and sharing/discussing all things related to our profession. I am going to look into it a bit further.

Many of these learning paths I have used on my ‘myclasses’ pages,  the students last year really enjoyed the ‘Sovereign Hill’ interactive. We went to Sovereign Hill as a WHOLE SCHOOl last year, it was an incredible way  of exploring Australian History as a whole school!  To expand on this great experience, I wanted the students to explore the ‘virtual’ Sovereign Hill’ learning path. The kids loved it!!  The class teachers also used the resource in their classrooms, and as a whole class Year 3 & 4 students, they explored the resource in the ICT Lab.  Basically putting their learning and ICT skills together exploring this resource prior to our excursion then as a follow up post excursion!

I need more time to explore the potential of this wonderful resource. I just wish it was easier to get into, navigate and locate the resources for my students and staff at my school.

As for the 2nd reflective question, yes I am interested in reading other teacher comments, any feedback, tips, reflections is always useful when searching the goldfield for resources. Having a fellow educator give some insights is a very useful tool, teachers do prefer another educator’s thoughts rather than solely relying on the ‘advertised comments’ of the producers or creators of other web tools who have a sole aim of promoting their own resources (for us to purchase!!)

Twitter has best social  network for me in my professional life. Ever since joining after hearing my former colleague Nathan Jones @elearnjones encouraged me to join, I have not looked back!!  This is the first place I look now for resources, contacts, ask questions, all professional related to my role in ICT.  I have so many contacts from people I know in the ‘real world’ to colleagues in my sector to contacts all around the world.

I have Twitter on my computer and on my personal phone, I check it a few times a day!!  I am still to work out how to use ‘Tweet Deck’ which I think will help me organise my twitter contacts!

In the future I would love to set up a Twitter account for our school community to send out updates, information, links, events etc!

Just last night  Hamish Curry @hamishcurry from State Library Victoria, tweeted about an upcoming kids workshop based on ‘MineCraft’. Well how perfect for me!! My daughters have just gotten into Minecraft and after hearing some of my students chatting over the past year thought it would be great to head off to this workshop! Hamish replied instantly, I signed up and whola we have got our first school holiday activity booked in!!

I met Hamish last year when he presented a workshop session for ICT leaders in my zone and he spoke about lots of web 2.0 tools and Twitter was one of the main ones he encouraged teachers to use to connect to a PLT with! I also attended the Melbourne Teach Meet at State Library Victoria in May. What a wonderful resource under our nose and am so happy to be taking my daughters there! My oldest daughter went there a couple of years ago for an excursion and she is very happy to be going again to learn all things Minecraft!!

At work I mentioned to a couple of students and parents whom I know are keen Minecrafters, they are keen to attend! The first question they asked was, ‘How did you hear about it” I said ‘Twitter’. Here is a classic example of how I have used it in my work!! Sharing what I hear with my students!!

As for second life, I have not explored this at all, guess there are so many tools that can be explored at any one time plus get through report writing for almost 300 students plus have a life!!!  If I had a second life…. hmmm the possibilities!!

Linked In:
I have used Linked In for a couple of years, but in a very superficial way! Basically to follow others, connect with other professionals in my area of ICT. I am still yet to get a full handle on this tool. As for in my ICT lessons, I would not use this tool, this am keeping strictly professional!

Overall looking at all these different social media tools, there are great options for all of them, my main problem is keeping up with all the different passwords for these 🙂 There is potential in all these tools, however they need to fit into or enhance my work, life, teaching, learning.

Guess I am continually learning, but I do feel I need to delve further rather than just sign up to lots of tools and not really expand on their uses.

At my school not as many web tools are used, next Semester I am wanting to learn more about what tools are currently being used, how they are being used and possibly introduce a few of these tools I have used/learnt about to support the great things already going on at my school.

Well, that is the plan 🙂

Cheerio Raff


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