A Teacher of Technology in Education

Module 8

Hi Everyone,

Time has gotten away from me with reports, reports and reports. Crazy time of the year!! I don’t even know where the month of June  has gone. I was eagerly awaiting a long weekend back at the beginning of June; yet somehow I have arrived at the last day of term ready for our 2 week Melbourne winter holiday break (Yeah!!)

Back to Web 2.0 course, having a good look at the Module about managing my flow of information on the Internet, I can honestly say that I have not really gotten into RSS feeds. I have since discovered that Google Reader is to be discontinued at the end of this month. Hence little time for me to explore let alone trial it in my classroom.

I have  add news feeds to my most popular news sites http://www.theage.com and http://www.abc.net.au and do occacionally go into them to read the latest updates from those sites, however I still use the old fashioned way of going to the actual site and viewing the ‘latest news’ of ‘tomorrow’s weather’!

As an ICT teacher I am not sure how I could use RSS feeds in my classroom. I feel they would be of benefit more to me professionally to get updates to my most visited sites.

I did see this on Twitter the other day @curosa mentioned “Life after Google Reader: GigaOM’s Guide to the best options”  which looks at the other options out there:

This might be something else for me to investigate in the future, however I don’t feel I have the need for this at the moment 🙂

Cheers Raff 🙂


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