A Teacher of Technology in Education

Howdy Once Again,

This module made me stop and think about the different wikis I follow, what is the purpose of me following those wikis, how valuable is that wiki and where can I go from here with those wikis?
I am introducing blogging to a number of classes next Semester, however now looking at the links on the Module 10 page, for some activities I have planned through my ICT lessons, maybe wikis might be better. I will look into that further when I do more planning and re planning next week ( just the thing for winter school holidays)!

The wikis I have joined a few years ago are: Classroom 2.0. This has been an invaluable resource, the regular updates, quality, in-depth posts from contributors has always given me many valuable resources etc.  Once again though, I have only skimmed the surface of what a ‘wiki’ is and how it can be useful. I am using it in a one dimensional way, the wiki out to me. I am not contributing to these wikis at present. I have commented on some over the past year, but that is as far as I have gone. Not very transformative!

The other wikis I have joined are: Teach Meet Melbourne 
Thanks to Celia Coffa @ccoffa I have been able to connect with other ICT educators. This wiki has great links to presenters from previous Teach Meets that I have not been able to attend.


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