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Hi All,

Yesterday I attended (for the first time) the ICTEV 2013 State Conference. Wow it was fantastic!!

I had been wanting to attend for a while now but with other family commitments, well this year I managed to leave the family all asleep early Saturday morning while I ‘escaped’ to the world of other ICT Leaders from across Victoria to the amazing learning spaces at Melbourne Grammar.

There were so many fabulous presenters, I wish I could have attended all the different sessions as they all had great things I wanted to know more about.  One of the sessions I attended was ‘ Are You a Curator? You Should Be… ‘ By John Pearce.  @mrpbps I had heard John speak last week at  ‘Teach Meet Melb’ he demonstrated passion, enthusiasm, drive, excitement in ICT (  he couldn’t stand still he just wanted to share all the info in his head with us all!!) I was thrilled to be in his session again yesterday! http://johnp.wordpress.com/online-presentations/

Delicious is one online bookmarking site I have been using for a number of years.  I come back to it every now and again, I loved when it had ‘stacks’ and those stacks could be shared, but.. that feature is no longer available.  I wrote a post about ‘Bookmarking’ sites when I was leaving my previous school and my thoughts then…

However, after attending yesterday’s Conference, i have come away renewed in my interest of finding ways of making resources available on my different devices and Diigo was presented by John.  I have set up a ‘school’ diigo account.

There are many ways I can already see that this may benefit me and the school community I work in:

1. A central place to put links eg: after our Cybersafety Session with Susan McLean last week, parents were keen to have links and resources Susan shared. I have put them in the school newsletter, however there are links that are just for ‘parents’ so this may be an alternative…

2. A place for my students to go to for specific tasks I set and resources students need.

3. I loved the suggestion John made yesterday… ‘Ask students to go research on the topic of ….. ask them to find any further resources on the net… they can add those resources to the Diigo list, enabling students to be the finders of resources not just the user of resources specified by the teacher….’  That is taking one step further. I love it!!  Now gotta learn about it!!

4. A place for the different communities in our school to share the one area to collate and curate resources which are shared across different areas

5. An area for our students to collect, reflect and add to regardless of their Year Level or class?

6. Professional Learning area for staff – a place to share great new tools, resources, links found when staff go to PD

Back to learning about Diigo

Cheerio Raff







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