A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hi All,

I had actually completed these activities exploring and using ‘Picasa’ but have finally gotten some time to document my learning.

I really enjoyed exploring the use if Picasa.  I have used a variety of different photo editing programs over the years such as ‘Photoshop Elements’, Photo Story, Paint to name a few.  Picasa has got some great features that would be very useful at school.  The students in the senior primary level document the years of their primary school and this might be a great way to add quite a few photos together to create some collages into their ‘Memory Books’ (note to self: talk to senior teachers about this).

I like the way that photos are easily added, moved and the special effects that can be created.  I am of the belief that original photos should be used whenever possible and permission sought if using a photo that either belongs to or has someone else in it. Which is a huge component of our ‘Cybersafety’ focus at my school.

Here is a little one I had a go at creating with my family showing some of the great vegetables we are growing and some of the dishes we have made and shared. Enjoy!!

Food Glorious Food


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