A Teacher of Technology in Education

Ok, now time to get into nitty gritty Web 2.0.

Module 5 goes full steam ahead into using
1: Mind Mapping Software 2: Glogs such as Glogster 3: Presentation software such as Prezi.

I have explore 2 /3 of these, however I have not used Glogster before commencing this course.  Last year with my colleague Sarah, I got to explore another mind mapping software ‘ Poplet’ on the iPad. Sarah instructed her Year 5 students to create a ‘mind map’ based on their planning/preparation for their  ‘advertising’ unit the senior classes were working on.  Students used ‘Poplet’ to record their ideas, they then emailed that poplet to the school email account. Sarah then downloaded them onto our school server. The students then located their own poplet, inserted it into their Digital Portfolio along with their item they were creating/designing.  It was an interesting exercise.

I had not used poplet itself before, however I have used for many years program such as Kidspiration and Inspiration to create mind maps, prior to the ‘technology age’ I’ve used mind maps which were already created in the good old ‘timesavers’ black line masters books.

Thinking about it now, how could I use this type of ‘tool’ take ‘Mind Maps’ to the next level rather than simply be a ‘substitution’ for what is already being done/created.
Looking at the SAMR model based on apps here: interestingly as I thought, Poplet comes into the ‘substitution’ area.  This is one educators view of this app however as educators, we are always on the lookout of how to do something we know and are familiar with BUT in an alternative way using ‘current’ technology /devices/apps eg: iPad.  I guess this does reflect the ‘substitution’ phase in SAMR.  My thoughts anyway!!

Next time I may explore the students adding video, photographs, self-reflection, original video/audio and have an audience to view their ‘mindmap’.  Something I do not get enough time to do in 45 once a week session :(.

Bubbl.US was great, I enjoyed using it, again it is another ‘substitution’.  I would like to research further before asking students to use it. How can I take it further…..  how can I make it ‘work’ at my school? What technology is required? Would students be interested in using it as an alternative to ‘Kidspiration/Inspiration’, how can our students collaborate to create a mind map what is the purpose???  Hmmm so many questions!!!

For now here is the ‘Bubbl.US’ I created about Web 2.0 @ my school.


Glogster: This was another great Web 2.0 tool that I have heard lots about, seen lots of them but never explored myself.  I had a go, created (yet another) account and had a play.  I do think this is geared more for upper primary and certainly secondary students.  
Again this requires teachers to set up accounts, passwords etc. Students may enjoy the visuals, 3D effects and ability to add a variety of media in a ‘poster type’ format.  Again I have only had a little play and would need more time to explore it with my students and teachers.  I do like the fact that the ‘Glog’ is altogether on a ‘page’ so to speak and does not go on for ever and ever.  It can be a complete unit of work put together yet showing skill in a variety of different tools, media etc.

Here is the one I had a go at : (hmm lots to learn still though)

Prezi: At my previous school one school closure day, our principal and Learning and Teaching coordinator introduced us to Prezi.  As a staff we all signed up to an ‘educator’s account.  We then went in to look at the Models of Contemporary Learning and all the links that have been set up for educators in a ‘prezi’.  It was an ‘wow’ moment!!  We were thrown in head first to explore the resources that our area leaders had created in this new format!!  As we were all ‘encouraged’ to locate specific content  on a ‘prezi’ it was this mode of delivery that gave teachers at my previous school the scope and new interest in the ‘prezi’ format.  Many of us went home to play with it as an alternative to ‘PowerPoint’.  So much so senior teachers introduced it to their students, needless to say the students loved it!!!

Now the down side,  Prezi requires users to be 18 years of age or older to create and upload content ,
Thankfully there are wonderful educators out there so keen to share their research – Here is a  review of Prezi for educators by Kathleen Morris ‘Teach Gen Now’ blog.

Last year at our Curriculum Parent Information Night, I created a very simple ‘Prezi’ which I shared with our parents. It was very well received as an ‘alternative’ to Power Point’ slideshow! Check it out: (Note to self: I must get back to creating some Prezi’s for my students, I have forgotten about it!!)
Note: Prezi is not able to be viewed in a WordPress blog! There are ways around it but… I must investigate further.

Click here to view my prezie ( hope it works!!)


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