A Teacher of Technology in Education

Howdy Everyone,

Happy Holidays to my fellow Aussie followers, hope you are having some relaxed time away somewhere nice!!

I’d had that end of holidays looming feeling and thought about getting moving with my Web 2.0 online course…

My journey continues, my learning continues, my reflection continues… hence I have decided to add a ‘post’ for each module for my web 2.0 online course I am currently completing rather than just adding to the ‘page’  Web 2.0 Course I have created.

My reflections so far:
Roadblock:  Creating a ‘page’ on a blog is more of a ‘static’ page, one cannot (in this version of wordpress I am using) add ‘posts’ in a page so cannot chronologically record events other than the user adding the date ( which is easy enough to do!!)

Roundabout: Adding to a ‘page’ a user must add extra statements ‘above’ previous statements for the same effect of a blog main page.

u turn:
I have decided to come back again to the main post page from now on for my next modules, as well as…. ( read below)


  • posts are chronologically ordered ( and dated to help my memory!!)
  • my followers can read my latest posts without having to go directly to my Web 2.0 page
  • the assessors of this course who follow me will know when I post, what I am up to etc..
  • comments from my followers/assessors/anyone can  be added directly to the most recent post
  • if for any reason the ‘page’  Web 2.0 was to be deleted or disappeared etc, I still had a copy in the ‘posts’ of my module reflections


for my own record and benefit, I can easily copy and paste the post back to my Web 2.0 page for future reference, date it from the post date.

As a person who likes things neat and orderly, even though this seems like extra work ( well only a few extra copy and paste  key strokes) for me it works, ultimately this is for my reference and I can refer back to my learning, comments and have my whole course work in one area!! 🙂 here’s hoping!!

The learning continues… now back to Module 4 🙂


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