A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hello Everyone,

Today I have begun exploring the different activities in Module 4.
This will be exciting as I am wanting to work with some of my senior students this Term on ‘Digital Story Telling’

This area lends itself perfectly to my work as an ICT Teacher. Giving students the ‘tools’, scaffolding ideas, planning and preparation, then using a variety of ‘digital tools’ to put their ideas together.

Students can then use these tools in a variety of learning activities back in their own classrooms.

Storytelling is not a new phenomenon in education. I remember way back when I began teaching over 20 years ago, my first Year 6 class, I used storyboarding in a variety of my lessons, students working either independently or in cooperative groups. I used this type of activity as an assessment tool for a unit of work or inquiry work.

Now 20 or so years later, the same skills, strategies, processes I still use however the ‘tools’ are different for our digital world.

I would like to explore ‘Digital Storytelling’ with my senior students Year 4-6 at some stage this year.
Our students have access to a variety of  ‘tools, software, equipment, devices’ giving them the strategies and skills to put their ideas/thoughts/plans into a digital form will be an interesting journey.

Through my work as an ICT Teacher I have worked on ‘open ended’ activities’ as I only see the students once a week, completing tasks that could take a decent session is not possible in a 40 minute lesson.  Hence creating activities that students are able to explore based on their thoughts and ideas, adding to them on a weekly basis.

By the end of the term all this planning, preparation, editing etc will culminate in a piece of work that can be used as an assessment piece, sharing piece, learning with other students piece or shared.

My ideas so far, our school is having a whole school focus on ‘Sustainability’ this term Prep – Year 6.
Blogging is being explored in a variety of year levels, this leads to a perfect way for our students to showcase (down the track) their learning in a digital story format such as a podcast, animoto or photostory.

This is a HUGE area, an exciting area and a multi layered area for students and teachers to get their heads around.  Glad I have already done loads of work in Term One on Cybersafety which underpins this next stage of taking student work out to the world through blogging!!

I began exploring Animoto, Smile Box,  at my previous school creating some simple videos based on school events eg: Italian Day, Twilight Sports, Christmas Carols, as my way of learning how to create videos to put up on a blog.  It was great experience!!!

I wonder what types of digital story telling my students have explored or would like to explore? Chatting with the students, gaining their feedback always inspires me to consider out of the box ideas…
Using a ‘backward planning’ method I will outline what I am looking for at the end of the unit/term/activity- typically I look for a purposeful activity eg: create your dream playground area, or ideal house or sporting area etc.

Next I will use a ‘hook’ to hook them in eg: videos, photos, animations.
After that I will look for videos/tutorials for students to work through at their own pace/skill level.
I will also share with my students a ‘rubric’ that I have created to give students an idea of what I am looking for and to reflect on their own learning.

In ICT I find students have such varied experiences, as a teacher I need to cater for these student needs as much as I can to ensure their learning experience is not a wasted one week in week out in my ICT classes.

Last year in both the schools I worked at, I introduced ‘Google SketchUp’.  I wanted to ‘engage, inspire, hook’ my students in.  It was a great journey one where the students particularly the girls thoroughly enjoyed!!
Check out how I did it here: 
What I loved the most about putting this process up on my blog for the students was that they were given the ‘scaffolds’ support and guidance, they were also given a chance to explore, create, edit, modify and finally reflect  on their learning. The students absolutely loved it!!

I am working on trying to incorporate some ‘digital storytelling’ ideas using photos/video/audio to tie into ‘Sustainability’.
Will let you know how it goes!
Would love ANY ideas you have !!

Cheerio Raff 🙂


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