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Power of PLN

Hello Everyone,

This week I attended our 1st inaugural Zone network meeting for ICT Leaders in the Eastern Zone. #ERICT. What a great feeling it was to meet up with fellow passionate educators and to also meet in person some eduacators I have been following on Twitter @amiee_gale and @twursthorn. I am sure that over the year I will get to meet further fellow Twitterers. It was a well organised meeting with so many new and valuable information, so affirming of my own goals and ideals.

Thanks very much to @ccoffa and @ffabri7 and rcallanan5 wonderful start!!

The day started out with a very engaging and entertaining, thought provoking session with Hamish Curry @hamishcurry from State Library Victoria. So much to take away from this session but the one that resonated with me the most was when Hamish spoke about this current generation of technology users. My own thoughts and feelings are…our students, our children, they are technology users but… they are using technology like a  multi layer cake. Only skimming the top layer but not delving further to what technology can really do and offer.  Hamish said something similar and it really resonated with me.  This current generation of students skim quickly over resources, information and really look for the ‘quick fix’ ie what can I copy, paste and complete.

True the internet is quick and easy, but as an educator I do think about these current students, their futures, the ease of which information is available to them. It is the ‘what and the how’ these students use technology and resources that we as educators need to assist students to delve deeper, think more, respect, acknowledge before they hit the ‘copy and paste’ functions.

As an educator I truly value my PLN through Twitter and other professional social networking groups I have joined. I must say that I have more and more turned to my PLN to ask questions, seek assistance, look for ideas and seek clarification on many issues.  Rather than do a ‘Google search’ for everything, using my PLN has been invaluable.

This week was a classic example when there was an ‘interesting occurance’ at my school, I sought advice from my PLN, wow, within the hour I had replies, ideas suggestions and also affirmation of what my thoughts were was wonderful!!  A true example of the ‘power’ of PLN!
Thanks to @ccoffa and @rcallanan5  @sarah_duf  particularly for your suggestions, advice and support.

Today was great to hear what @twursthorn is doing with ‘Google Apps for Education’ How perfect!!!  My collegue and I have been trialling Google drive for collaboration on a ‘document’ we needed this week 🙂 and it was amazing. We both thought of the many and valuable opportunities Google Apps could be of benefit in our school.  So glad to hear what Tom has used Google Drive for and now I have another contact in my PLN to ask questions to rather than just ‘google it’!! Yeah!!!

I am also so very grateful to @ccoffa Celia for her wonderful guidance with all things ‘blogging’, we have some every excited and enthusiastic teachers who are wanting to expand their PLN by connecting with some ‘happy bloggers’. Sincere thanks Celia for setting up these connections for staff at my school! They can’t wait!!

This network meeting also gave me the opportunity to explore a new Web 2.0 tool – Pinterest.  I have used  many links that I have found from ‘Google searches’ but had not a real idea as to its use and possiblities.  Thanks Aimee @amiee_gale for such a great insight into this tool.  The way you use it for your self and your  students is wonderful. I being a ‘visual learner’ love the way Pinterest gives a visual display of websites I can find rather than just a list of sites which I currently use in ‘delicious’.

Late last year when I was looking for something to use as a way of bookmarking all my sites- I didn’t even consider Pinterest. Now I have found the answer to my question.
t was wonderful to be at the Network meeting and I look forward to learning lots more from fellow educators at our future network meetings and lots more passionate educators to expand my PLN Yeah!!!

Glad this ‘interesting week’ has come to an end and the weekend is here!

Happy weekend all

Cheers Raff





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