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Hi Everyone,

This first term of the school year I have focused with students in Year One to Year Six a unit of work on Cybersafety or Internet Safety.

Students in Year 1 and 2 have explored the animation stories of ‘Hector’s World – Personal Information

Year 3 Students have explored ‘Budd:e’

Year 4 students have explored the quiz ‘How Cybersmart R U?’

Year 5 and 6 students have explored ‘Digital Footprints’ based on the ‘Common Sense Media resources for educators.

It has been wonderful to have resources specifically created for Primary aged students as the whole area of ‘Cybersafety’ can be quite tricky to pitch at the correct level.

Having the variety of animations etc has enabled me to have wonderful discussions with the students about what their current knowledge is about Cybersafety and after the completion of the units of work, the students will complete a post activity to show their added learning. (Here’s hoping)

This is such a HUGE area and one that I feel is not  just the responsibility of me the ICT Specialist teacher once a week in a 40 minute lesson.

I have also come across this unit of work by DEECD toolkit for Prep – Year 10 level: Great resource.
Cyber Teach Toolkit – Safe & Responsible Use of Digital Technologies

I hope to explore this resource more as I fine time my own Prep – Year 6 Sequential Cybersafety Program.

Check out my page called ‘Cybersafety’ for more links to resources I have found so far…

Look forward to hearing from anyone else who has used other great resources for Primary aged students!



Comments on: "Cybersafety -Teaching & Learning" (1)

  1. Hi Raff,
    Great work on the posting and IT cyber awareness/responsible use program. Great to see such enthusiasm. Thanks also for posting the DEECD resource toolkit. It’s really good.
    See you at the Network meeting

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