A Teacher of Technology in Education

Hello Fellow Educators,

I have spent a fair amount of time over this past weekend working through the different Modules and Activities for the Web 2.0 course I am currently completing online.

Here are some overall thoughts…

1. Documenting my journey on this my professional blog on a separate ‘page’ does not allow for me to add posts to that page.  I need to add my reflections to the one page.

2. Having another 2 staff members from my school is wonderful as I can ask questions, clarify with them and learn from them their thoughts and feelings as we work through the different areas.  I believe this is a must  for future participants in this course.

3. I have been using a number of these ‘Web tools’ but not very well as I delve further into these activities. I really have just skimmed the surface. I need to deepen my thinking and my follow through rather than just ‘dipping my toe in’ with these tools.

4. I am wanting to bring my fellow colleagues on this journey too. Where to start?  I am thinking in Term 2, walking the journey with the other staff in my school to explore how google docs/drive could make life a bit easier for staff?

5. My students, as it is the beginning of the Australian school year, I am focusing on Internet Safety in Year 1 – 6. I have tried to introduce it with positive messages of using the Internet and was really fascinated when seeing on Twitter that @Kathleen_Morris shared her great reflection about ‘Digital Footprints’. I want to use this ‘slant’ with my students too. Thanks Kathleen, great insight to your thoughts on this topic!

As educators we need to be aware that this current generation of students have grown up with technology and particularly these new tools/devices quite possibly more than us educators.  My view is that as a parent by giving my children access at home, I provide the best, responsible, safest  way to have a positive online expeience. I also believe it is my role as a parent to explain the responsibility of being online and the ‘possible risks’ that my children will encounter, give them strategies to use when/if that does happen.

As an educator I feel my role is to continue what parents expect at home by supporting the students to use/view/create etc in the safest most responsible way they can.

I loved this post by Kathleen about student, parent and teacher responsibilities.  It is a 3 way interrelated connection and we must all be working on the same wave length. Here is the link to this great post! http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2012/11/08/internet-safety-posters/
A truly valuable resource which Kathleen kindly shares. That is what makes collaboration and sharing online with fellow educators such as Kathleen truly exciting for me as an ICT educator!

Thanks to those who have commented on my blog so far from the Web 2.0 course. I’ll drop by yours to comment soon too.

Have a great day,
Cheerio Raff 🙂



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