A Teacher of Technology in Education

Howdy Everyone,

Over the past couple of weeks, i have begun a new online course ‘Web 2.0’ being offered by Catholic Ed Office Melb. I have been waiting and hoping for such a course over the past few years, something that I can get my teeth into as I feel I have been fumbling around on my own sometimes lost, sometimes going around in circles.

The fact that this course is totally online is fantastic! True use of web tools for learning, collaborating and sharing with other educators!

As an ICT Teacher, I have the great joy of welcoming each class in my school into the ICT lab for a hands on session. The excitement of the students is so warming. When I am on yard duty, the students regularly come up to me and ask, “what are we doing for ICT today?”.  I try to build up loads of excitement with the students and am continuously trying to engage, enthuse, share and reflect with them the huge variety of resources available at their fingertips.

I am hoping this course will give me some affirmation that I am on the right track with my own thoughts and visions as an ICT Teacher and now in my new role as ICT Leader in my school.

I am hoping to connect with other educators and learn from them, gain inspiration from them, share my ideas with them and in turn share this new learning and ideas with my students.  Here’s hoping!

I am documenting my thoughts and reflections over on this page

Happy Web 2.0 to my fellow educators embarking on this course! 🙂

Cheerio for now

Raff :):)


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