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Hello Everyone,

I am just sorting through my email as I am finishing up at one school as I have been appointed ICT Leader at another school next year and hence my email account from the past 12 years will be deleted ( one issue with not having generic email accounts across the education sector I work in !!)

It has dawned on me how much email I have got that I never refer back to, links that are now out of date etc.
For my new role in 2013 and beyond, I will make an extra effort to delete email on a regular basis, add links to my delicious site or simply in a word document (which is what I am currently doing for the time being) and research some other ways of  keeping a handy list of links that I may need in the future.

Most of the time I just search for the sites I need, rather than trawl through hundreds of emails.

I am very interested in what other types of sites or ways you use to collate links for yourself, your students, your PLN?

Look forward to  getting lots of ideas from you all!

Happy report writing to my fellow educators in Melbourne and Australia!

PS I am so looking forward to 2013, only one school, one set of reports. 🙂

Raff 🙂


Comments on: "Lots of Links… To Be Sorted" (4)

  1. Raff,
    I saw this on Twitter and thought it might be worth a read/browse

    • Hi Celia,
      Thanks for this link, apologies for not replying earlier. This link you sent has amazing ideas, curating/creating. Wow so much for me to learn and get my teeth into! I will certainly save this link and come back to it as it has loads of great ideas! Look forward to working with you this year. See you soon, cheerio Raff 🙂

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  3. […] and those stacks could be shared, but.. that feature is no longer available.  I wrote a post about ‘Bookmarking’ sites when I was leaving my previous school and my thoughts […]

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