A Teacher of Technology in Education


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I helped to facilitate a gathering of ICT Leaders in my area, the first for 2012. It was a great gathering of familiar faces and we welcomed new members to our meeting!!

Our main discussion was in reference toCybersafety’ in particular student and staff Internet Policies and Agreements.
Over the past few years, there has been lots of questions about policies and agreements in schools,  there has been lots of confusion over both an Internet Policy and an Acceptable User Agreement, hence the reason for focusing our meeting on this topic and beginning conversations with ICT leaders in our area.

Participants were asked to bring along a copy of their current ‘policy/agreement’ to share with the others in  as our aim was to create our own definition of  what an Internet Policy is and what an Acceptable User Agreement is, then go back to our own schools and continue these conversations with school leaders and staff.

In groups we had a look at different schools policies and had a look at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria- Learning Online Website to gain an insight as to what others have included in both their Policy and User Agreements.

Lots of great discussions, and plenty of questions to be further explored.:):)

As a group we came up with a definition of what an Internet Policy and an Acceptable User Agreement is, their purpose, the intended audience of each document, what should be contained in each and we also had great discussions as to who should have input into both documents.

One of the major points of discussion was not just the ‘what’ to include in these policies, butwho’ should have input and ‘wherecan schools get assistance to ensure these documents are appropriate(legal) and cover all that needs to be covered now and how to include yet undiscovered ‘digital technologies’?

As an ICT teacher I came away from the meeting with some great ideas, lots and lots of  thoughts to ponder over and most importantly some great new contacts in my network to communicate with.

I would welcome your thoughts in regards to Acceptable User Agreements and Internet Policies that you have at your school.

* Does your school have an acceptable user agreement and an Internet Policy?

*How often are these given out? Eg: yearly, each term or at the beginning of the students’ schooling?

*Do students have to sign the agreement/policy or just parents or both?

*Who was part of the creation of the policy/agreement? (leadership team, department of education, whole staff, parents, legal advice, students, other?)

Thanks to everyone to came along yesterday and I look forward to catching up with you all at our next meeting in May!!


Raffaela 🙂


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