A Teacher of Technology in Education

Howdy Everyone,

Just thought I would promote this  ‘Safer Internet Day 2012′ promoted by ACMA – Cybersmart (Australia), ‘ encourages schools and libraries to learn and connect together. Utilise Cybersmart’s interactive activities and resources to take positive actions and teach each other about staying safe online.’

There is a variety of support material, interactive activities happening live on February 7th 2012,  multimedia resources (for secondary students), posters/brochures and lesson plan  material on the ‘Action For Schools’ section,  material for Primary, Special Education and Secondary students. Check it out, promote it with your school, and sign up to be part of the interactive activities here. 

As an ICT teacher I value the wealth of support material now available for us teachers to assist in educating students, parents and fellow educators about Cybersafety. It has been invaluable in my lessons and the students particularly the Junior level ( Year 1 & 2) students have really enjoyed the videos and discussions we have had as a result of viewing some of the excellent resources on the ACMA website!

I look forward to exploring the new resources and information!

I have emailed all the teachers in both my schools, and will promote it through my PLN on Twitter to get the message out there!!

Cheerio for now!

Raffaela 🙂


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