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Tux Paint – So Cool!

Howdy Fellow Tech Educators,

I have explored a cool free software Tux Paint  over the past few weeks with my students from Prep to Year 6.  It was amazing watching the excitement on the faces of the students from all the different year levels to create unique computer art. It has been around for a while I believe but I hadn’t seen it before and my students were excited especially the ‘magic’ section!!

Prep – 2 students used Tux Paint to create a city scene ( they are learning about Melbourne our city)
Year 3-4 Students used Tux Paint to create a scene of any world famous building or icon ( they are learning about multiculturalism)
Year 5-6 students used Tux Paint to create a poster advertising cyber safety

When I got home, my two young daughters also had a go and were amazed at the ‘cool’ things that this program can do!

When looking at this program, I was thinking as a Specialist Teacher, how can I incorporate this as a useful tool for the students to use? The students wanted to save and print their work, however the program saves as a file in the actual setup and needs alteration when installing it on the hard drive (which I didn’t get a chance to change before my lessons)
Instead…I tried to expand their thinking as well as revisit computer skills that they can use across programs:

  •   ‘print screen’ their Tux paint design
  •   paste in either into MS Word or PowerPoint
  •   crop their picture
  •   double click on the picture and add more special effects using the format ‘picture tools’ in MS Word/PowerPoint
Students at my school tend to use one piece of software or tool for one piece of work and I am trying to expand their thinking to use a variety of tools in a variety of programs.
I really like the fact you can import other clipart and have added Australian coins and animals to the collection which has come in handy with the Inquiry focus this term in the junior classes!
  • Have you used ‘Tux Paint’ in your classrooms?
  • What exciting ideas do you  have to use Tux Paint that you could share?
  • Any other great free online programs you can recommend?
  • What other skills can students expand on while using Tux Paint?
Thanks for visiting
Cheerio Raff 🙂

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