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Sumo Paint -Amazing!!

Howdy Again,

During the last session of the term last week, I shared with my students one of my newest most fav sites  Sumo Paint (www.sumopaint.com)  The kids loved it!!!  It is my ‘fun and games session’ and the students know that I share with them some great new software to explore.
Note: you need flash player installed 

Again I shared this site with the Preps all the way to Year 6 and it was incredible, they all created unique computer art!!

I am BIG on students being designers, creators, producers, giving students the confidence to explore and create their own designs! I hope that by giving students the tools to create their own artwork etc, they will hopefully rely less on ‘copy and paste’ from the internet in the future and attempt to create their own artwork!

The students in Year 3-6 work on a digital portfolio and when sharing with my students any new software or programs, I ask them to document the site and a sample of their work in their portfolio! It is great watching them reflect on their portfolio and the comments they make about their own artwork. Some even said recently -‘gee did I do that…”

It highlighted for me the importance of students reflecting on the ‘How’ so they can re-create that piece of work at a later time. It is incredible how they move on to the ‘newest and greatest’ but sometimes forget how they created/designed a piece of work!! 

Now back to Sumo Paint, there is so much to this software, and it is free!!  The students loved looking at the created artwork, to give them a sense of what CAN be created! There is an artist in all of us!

Cheers Raffaela 🙂


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