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Howdy All,

It is now Spring break in Melbourne so us teachers and students get a bit of a breather with two ( some even get three) weeks to recharge the batteries, before the surge towards end of school year in December and all its ‘joys’!

In ICT lessons last week I asked my Year 5/6 students to answer some questions about the term of blogging we have just completed. The students have only been blogging for the term (10 weeks) and I was interested in their thoughts about the blog, what suggestions they have to add to our blog for next term and how to promote our blog so we have a greater audience.

Here is a snapshot of their responses:

1. How to promote our school blog with our school/wider community:

*Adverstise the school blog in the school newsletter (most popular response)

*Promote it through the weekly school assembly

*Send a letter home to the parents

*Show the blog to the school/parent community at assembly

*Put a video on the blog to advertise it

*Create a sign/poster at the front office for visitors

2. In terms of what they have enjoyed about blogging, here are there responses:

*meeting other students

*discussing ideas/events with others in the class

*finding out other students ideas/thoughts

*being able to comment on our school blog and on other blogs

3.  Difficulties students have en counted with blogging:

* students not sure what to comment

*Students finding difficulty in selecting a comment to reply to

4.  Ideas that could be posted on our blog for next term?

* School events such as upcoming sports events

*end of year graduation

*some videos

*another virtual pets

*some posts written by the students or some student blogs

This has lead me to thinking over the holiday break, how can I engage these students more with blogging next term?

I spent a great deal of time replying to each comment that the students wrote, and gave them some ideas/questions/suggestions to encourage them to assist me with giving their suggestions a go next term.

I want to give the students more ownership over the blog so they can then go out and spread the word!

I really want to encourage the rest of the staff at my school to comment or generate discussions in their own class as well as only a few have had a go at commenting on our school blog as yet.

I am hoping to run a professional learning meeting next term to showcase the blog and possibly ask some of the students to share their experiences with the staff? Nothing like hearing it straight from the students showing enthusiasm and engagement!

I am also wanting parents or other classes /teachers to come visit during my ICT lessons to see how the students are engaging with each other  during ‘blogging sessions’.

I would love your ideas as to how I can move forward with blogging next term with this class of students?

How do you engage your students with blogging?

How do you encourage other staff in  your school to explore blogging?

Any other ideas would be really appreciated!

Happy holidays to those who are also on holidays!


Raff 🙂


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