A Teacher of Technology in Education

Why Blog?

At one of the schools I am working at, I have begun a school blog. Not sure which way to go, class blog, student blog, teacher blog.. in the end I decided on a school blog where I could, through my role as ICT teacher could allow bloggers from any class or student or teacher. I guess it was a way to begin somewhere and I could learn along with my students.

I have a buddy from another Melbourne school, a year 5/6 class so have decided to start with one of the 5/6 classes at my school.  The students all seemed interested and very keen to get started.

Now my first issues in this journey of blogging: ensuring that the blog is available through the school firewall so students can access it!

Next,  what next?

The most valuable guide I have found is through Kathleen Morris and her blog ‘Integrating Technology In The Primary Classroom’.  http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/ Thanks so  much Kathleen for all your invaluable posts and guide reflecting your journey with blogging and the different steps  you have taken.

I have also become a huge fan of Twitter, following  like minded technology educators in Australia and around the world. It is so true that a whole new world of learning and networking has opened up for me!

My tag is @raffgrasso

It is truly amazing the number of blogs and bloggers in education out there!!

I now want to get back to school and get my Year 5/6 students to start blogging, commenting, feeding back and sharing.

A global audience.

It is such a pleasure to have a mentor such as Kathleen out there willing to share her journey to assist us to also explore this blogging journey.

I must mention how thrilled I am to have a fellow blogging buddy Belinda and her 5/6 students. I am always amazed when checking in to her class blog, how Belinda has taken off with blogging and all the exciting events she and her students are upto and also what exciting web 2.0 tools they are exploring.

Now back to my professional reading – blogs yeah!!!

Yours in blogger sphere!!

R 🙂


Comments on: "Why Blog?" (3)

  1. Hi Raff,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! It made my day to hear that I could help you so much!

    Good idea buddying up with a fellow 5/6 teacher. It is always easier embarking on these things with someone else.

    Hopefully in your role as ICT teacher you can encourage other classes to slowly get into blogging too. From experience, I know influencing other staff is not easy but hopefully it will come with time!

    Did you mean your Twitter name is @Raffaela_A_G? # is for hashtags, confusing I know!

    Keep up your terrific work, I love your enthusiasm!


  2. Hi Kathleen,
    I really do value your posts, comments and blog and am spreading the word to my fellow ICT teachers in Catholic Ed, also to my niece who is in her graduate year!
    Thanks for the info re # and @ for twitter. Yes am still confused but your post about Twitter http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/tag/twitter/ is on my list of ‘to do’ as part of my professional learning!
    I have lots to learn about Twitter but truly believe it is such a valuable resource for teachers and teaching!
    Look forward to your next newsletter and have a fantastic term.
    Am looking forward to our students returning tomorrow after their extra long winter break, can’t wait to show them your blog and all the great things you and your students have been doing.
    Sincere thanks again
    Raff 🙂

  3. Enjoy your first day back! Always happy to help with Twitter too 🙂

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